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2020/1/26, Article in the Kaleej Times, UAE; Ashwani Kumar /Abu Dhabi
This article is about Biogents traps and BG-Counters to be deployed across UAE

440 smart mosquito traps to be deployed across UAE

Tadweer has developed an effective, efficient and sustainable way to trap mosquitoes.
More than 400 solar-powered smart traps will be installed across the country from February 1 to catch mosquitoes and thus keep a check on the outbreak of diseases like malaria, dengue, Yellow Fever and West Nile Virus, an official from Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre (Tadweer) said.
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AMCA 2021 (Virtual meeting)

mp4 video  Rebecca Heinig, Collier County Mosquito Control District: Rise of the machines: BG-Counters’ expanding role in CMCD’s mosquito surveillance program

Abstract: Collier Mosquito Control District initiated its BG-Counter program in 2017 with 10 traps. As of the 2020 field season, we had one of the largest BG-Counter networks in the country, with 27 permanent traps placed throughout the District. This presentation will discuss the District’s experience with this technology, including an assessment of labor inputs vs. outputs, as well as the lessons we’ve learned in scaling up our program. We’ll also introduce side-by-side data from our weather station pilot program, which was designed to enhance the value and utility of the information generated by the BG-Counters.

AMCA 2019 (Orlando, FL)

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AMCA 2018 (Kansas City, MO)

PDFKartinzel M., Collier Mosquito Control District: Real-Time District-Wide Surveillance with the Biogents BG-Counter

PDFBoisvert M., Placer Mosquito & Vector Control District Roseville, CA: BG-Counter : A very efficient multi-task tool

ALMCA 2017 (Covington, LA)

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