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Quick start

PDF Download the manual for the BG-Counter >>

First-time setup
If you are new to the BG-Counter, you must first be registered on the website live.bg-counter.com as an administrator (“admin”).  This requires an invitation e-mail from Biogents.  After confirming your registration, you can register your counter to your account.

Register your admin account
You will receive an e-mail invitation after buying your BG-Counter.  If you have received your counter but no invitation yet, please contact your sales representative.

The invitation has a link to confirm the registration, and a temporary password. Once confirmed, you can log in using your e-mail address and the temporary password.

BG-Counter web application: Login
BG-Counter web application: Login

The password can be changed in “Profile”.BG-Counter web application: change your profile

Each organization can only have one admin.  Once registered as an admin, you can invite other people in your organization to view and/or manage the counters in your account.

For more information on user management, see section “User Administration” in the BG-Counter manual.

Register your new counter
You can view all counters already assigned to your account in “Trap Management”. Only counters listed here can be viewed and controlled.

BG-Counter web application: trap management
BG-Counter web application: trap management

If a counter is not listed, it needs to be added.  The serial number (IMEI) is needed for this step.

In “Trap Management”, click on the “Add Trap” button.

  • enter a name for the trap
  • enter the serial number (IMEI)
  • even though prompted, there is no need to enter the ICCID
  • click the “Create” button

For more information on trap management, see section “BG-Counter Registration and Assignment” in the BG-Counter manual